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The Troika

A Art Of Living

The Troika is the stuff of dreams. A dream is to create the city’s most beautiful and desirable condominium, right in the country’s most sought-after location.

The vision required imagination and craft to be realized. And so it was decided to engage Foster and Partners to create a new residential landmark for Kuala Lumpur to complement Caesar Pelli’s Petronas Twin Towers.

Foster and Partners building can be distinguished not only by their drama and beauty, but also by their functionality and the ingenious use of space. Frosters’ approach can be summarised in one word -- detail - born of a passion for architecture and design.Troika Facade 1

And while aesthetics are of course important, Froster and Partners are equally concerned about the social dimensions of their creations. these are preserne the quality of life and to create places that people wnat to go.

For The Troika, early plans incorporated three towers of varying height emerging from 'The Necklace' - a circular podium of complementary office and retail space. The Necklace frames a landscaped courtyard of 30,000 sq. ft. to provide a calm retreat exclusively for residents.

The architects' priorities were to create beautiful and functional homes, with each one able to take in the beauty of the location, such as KLCC Park, The Petronas Twin Towers and the KL city skyline.

To guarantee the best views possible for each apartment, Foster and Partners introduced the concept of a twisting building - essentially allowing individual floor plans to rotate as the building rises to enjoy KL's most stunning views.

With this objective, Foster and Partners pinned the three towers around dramatic shear walls, giving the development a strong linear character, while also framing views and providing critical shade to individual apartments.

Only then did Foster and partners address the external design. And the result is spectacular- using their signature glass and steel materials and supported by dramatic shear pre-cast concrete walls. The Troika is as beautiful from afar as it is functional from within.

Troika Facade 1Troika Facade 1

The Troika. Delivering the art of living .


An Integrated Development :

8 Penthouse,

164 apartment,

57 SOHOs (see below)

The sky lobby

The Necklace.

SOHO is an acronym for SMALL OFFICE HOME OFFICE. These are units that provide the ultimate in flexibility, designed for use either as an office, an apartment or a combination of the two.

The sky lobby is a unique feature of this development, with some 25,000 sq.ft. of double volume space spanning the three towers and connected by two sky bridges.Enjoying the city's finest views, the space will be retained by developer to provide highly exclusive facilities for residents and guests.

The Necklace is a four-storey circular podium from which The Troika towers rise majestically skywards. Complementary shops, restaurants and offices will be housed within, while the roof accommodates the residents' recreational facilities.

3 tower of troika

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all information, specifications,prices, images and renderings are current at the time of press but are subject to changes or refinement as required by approving authorities, developer or architect and cannot form part of an offer or contact. The company reserves the right to change prices and specifications without prior noticification.

Troika is a Russian word for a chariot drawn by three horses abreast. In the last century, the word took on a geopolitical connotation and came to symbolise a powerful triumvirate.


Details of Troika Residence' unit :

Tenure : Freehold

Address : Jalan Binjai, KL City Centre

Various Size as :


1915 sf (SOHO) , 2 bedroom & 3 bath

1004 sf ( SOHO), 1 bedroom & 2 bath

989 sf ( SOHO), 1 bedroom & 2 bath


3274 sf, 3 + 1 bedroom & 5 bath

3076 sf, 3 + 1 bedroom & 5 bath

2347 sf, 3 + 1 bedroom & 5 bath

2339 sf, 3 + 1 bedroom & 5 bath

2245 sf, 3 + 1 bedroom & 5 bath

2144 sf, 3 + 1 bedroom & 5 bath

2142 sf, 3 + 1 bedroom & 5 bath

Asking price : 1600 per sq.ft onwards.

KLCC View unit

2586sf, 3 bedroom + 1 maid room & 4 bath

Asking Price : RM 1,380 psf onward


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