Level 4
  Troika facility floor

An Integrated Development .

8 Penthouse,

164 apartment,

57 SOHOs (see below)

The sky lobby

The Necklace.

SOHO is an acronym for SMALL OFFICE HOME OFFICE. These are units that provide the ultimate in flexibility, designed for use either as an office, an apartment or a combination of the two.

The sky lobby is a unique feature of this development, with some 25,000 sq.ft. of double volume space spanning the three towers and connected by two sky bridges.

Enjoying the city's finest views, the space will be retained by developer to provide highly exclusive facilities for residents and guests.

The Necklace is a four-storey circular podium from which The Troika towers rise majestically skywards. Complementary shops, restaurants and offices will be housed within, while the roof accommodates the residents' recreational facilities.