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The Rice Miller




A Grand Arrival

The Rice Miller is the essence of 5-star luxury in the heart of George Town. One must experience The Rice Miller to understand the unprecedented exclusivity that will arrive in Penang, once an English port colony and now home of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Rice Miller is set on land that had once belonged to the island’s pioneer rice miller and is a blend of “godowns” or warehouses and an Anglo-Straits shop house that have endured the march of time, with newly built hotel block and city residences. The hotel, built to new city height limits, is the first luxury hotel in George Town’s heritage district and offers a complete lifestyle within an in-city resort.

The Rice Miller is a luxury urban retreat with every modern comfort and George Town’s main attractions just a short walk away. Upon request, chauffeurs and luxury car rentals can turn a visit into a special occasion.

But above all, the hotel’s staff acts as a gateway to George Town, sharing expert tips to unlocking the secrets of the real Penang.

Rice Miller

"Banking Street " on the Island

We envision a mixed-use real estate development to create a unique haven in the heart of a port-city. It consists of four adjoining parcels of freehold land on a 3-acre site by old Penang harbour, bound by Beach Street on the west, the well-known “Banking Street” on the island, and Weld Quay to the east.

The Project would be anchored by The Rice Miller Hotel and Residences, and would grow to include a private club, gym, spa, event centre, health clinic, restaurants and cafés, an urban grocer and deli, boutique retail and 24-hour security. Together, they would create an urban oasis where life’s amenities are never more than a short walk away.


Philosophy & vision

The Weld Quay area and its old waterfront were once the transshipment center for regional goods and the backbone of the island’s economy. We believe it should be brought back to life, as waterfront areas such as the London Docklands and Sydney Darling Harbour have successfully been. Other empty waterfronts in Boston, New York and Baltimore in the US have also been turned around, with new housing transforming wharves and crumbling old buildings reemerging as festival marketplaces.

However, we intend to do so while still respecting George Town’s traditional urban character, and restoring the dignity and importance that it has earned. Our plan will encourage tourism and economic development, and improve the quality of life in the area. It also lays out a strategy for telling the story of the early settlers and their commercial activities by enriching the inner city and giving new vitality to wasted, vacant shop houses, offices and godowns.

In doing so, we aim to celebrate and continue the spirit that led the early settlers to make George Town their home.


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