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Careers at Concept Property Agency

Concept Property Agency can only be as good and successful as its licence partners and employees are. We concentrate our efforts on hiring the best and fostering their development on an ongoing basis. We are extremely proud of the fact that our managers and employees give rise to such an open, pleasant, warm and respectful corporate culture. We live by our core values: passion, competence and exclusivity. And we are proud of being a part of the Concept Property Agency family.

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Brand Content and Values

Who we are?

Concept Property Agency is one of the leading service companies specialised in the sale and rental of premium residential property and commercial real estate. Thanks to our unique and constantly expanding network and the strength of our brand, we have access to an exclusive clientele. We feel most at home among discerning individuals. Our employees live the spirit of our brand with true passion.


We link together the aspirations of discerning individuals around the world, be it in private or a business context. With total passion.

Mission statement

In everything we do, we ensure the success of our company.

For us, our mission statement is a binding promise. We take a long-term view in our dealings, strengthening the brand whilst taking care to ensure that customers all around the country enjoy the same brand experience. We value and cultivate our core values of competence, exclusivity and passion. We are serious about meeting the requirements of discerning customers, and we offer a first-class service. We attract the finest employees and help further their careers. We build a global network on behalf of our customers – and fill it with life. We are leading innovators in our field.


You will benefit from access to top properties as well as wealthy private and corporate customers – even beyond your actual location

You will also be able to offer your local customers top-class real estate in other countries right from the outset

You are your own boss – yet at the same time part of a large family whose members support each other and pursue a common goal: to impress discerning customers with first-class services.


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